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Boynton Beach Florida is a real change from living in Manhattan, especially after being in NYC for 25 years you do get used to a few things. You never walk in Florida, you go from your home to your car, that’s it. When you live in Manhattan you are always walking from place to place, taking subways or buses and always moving around. So this past weekend I went to see Art Basel in Miami, I love art shows and this was supposed to be the best of the best. My friend Marlena lives in South Beach, Miami so I stayed with her. This was a chance to walk and see the shows of SOBE, oh and I walked.

Heading out on this year long trip I plan on doing a lot of running around traveling, just about every day going somewhere new all the time. As a traveler I need to try  and stay in shape because of my lifestyle choice. Florida is great for weather but terrible for mobility. This weekend turned out to be a test of how I can be out of shape then travel and walk long distances, I passed thank goodness (it was the night time activities that did me in). I went to about six shows but missed getting to the actual Art Basel show. Pulse, Art Miami, Context, Scope, Nada and a small Satellite art show. I had two galleries who represent my work there but both weren’t showing my work (they had new artists to expose this year).

As a NYer, Florida is our 2nd home and most of us know a few transplants down here so I have been seeing some old friends which is a really nice thing about southern Florida. This coming month I have lots of plans to see more people heading down to see family. So as I get ready for my trip I am trying to set up my future technology issues for my photos which has been a F’n nightmare. I am on my 3rd laptop after returning two which had issues, brand new laptops with issues-only me. Storage of photos too is something that I am hoping wont be an issue, time will tell if I made the correct choices. Purchasing knick-knacks for the trip also has been challenging, not knowing exactly what I will need. Have been in touch through Facebook and another portal to communicate with the other participants on the tour. Now it’s finally feeling real!





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