Remote Silver | 6 Days in Guatemala and now back in Mexico City for a few more days
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6 Days in Guatemala and now back in Mexico City for a few more days

This Guatemala trip was planned months in advance to meet up with my friend Sergio who lives in Guatemala City. He was my tour guide when I took a trip to Central America back in May of 2016 but I had to cut it short for family reasons and missed going to Guatemala. So we hit up Rio Dulce, Guatemala City, Flores and Tikal, Peten and Antigua. I arrived there on Monday the 16th and now I’m back in Mexico City, Monday the 23rd.

Central America as a whole has a similar feel to me. The people and the food are consistent, dress only for indigenous peoples are truly different, they do look similar but the real difference is the landscape. Guatemala had some amazing mountains and volcanic areas like Nicaragua (I have not been to Honduras or Salvador) and they have spectacular Mayan sights that should not be missed. Seeing Tikal was the real reason I wanted to go and was not disappointed except for the sunrise. I got up at 2:30 AM to head to the site to get on top of Temple IV and all we saw from 4:30-8:00 was total morning fog-mother nature! (I will NOT have any photos of Guatemala up for about 2 weeks as I need to finish up my move and I took lots of photos there to work on).

So now that Mexico City is winding down, we leave the 28th to head to Bogota I have the opportunity to do a Photo Signing at Yellowkorner in Mexico City on Thursday January 26th. I did go to the gallery two weeks ago and saw that they carried many of my pieces which was great to see.  The Gallery is located in a beautiful mall in Santa Fe, a much newer area of Mexico City with amazing architecture, skyscrapers and million dollar apartment buildings too. I will try and post some photos on this Friday the 27th if I can of the signing.

Since I will be in Bogota next week that is when I will post next along with information on more my travels. I already plan on being in Cartegena, Colombia from February 1-5th meeting up with my friend John from NY who will be there too.

PS-Did I mention that I went ballooning last week over Teotihuacan?

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