Remote Silver | Trip to Panama City, Panama to Photograph this Central American CIty
Panama City had great places to take photos of the skyline. Casco Viejo, the old city, had great views. Portobelo and an Indian tribe, the Embera people in their village, the Parara Puru Village.
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Panama City, Panama for a few days, Country #81

I have wanted to visit the Panama Canal for a long time and now that I have seen it, I can cross if off of my list. My friend Shari knew people who work at the Canal so we were lucky enough to get a Private tour. The canal now has a new much larger route that can handle huge ships that were unable to pass through in the past. The new wider and longer Canal opened last year but the observatory area is only on the original one and is truly an amazing spectacle of human ingenuity. Another amazing aspect of Panama City was the skyline which reminded me of cities like Chicago or Hong Kong.

Panama Canal

Panama had great places to take photos of the skyline. Casco Viejo, the old city, had great views from some of the waterways. The Photo below was taken from top of Ancon Hill which wasn’t the easiest place to get to but we had an amazing driver, Nico. We hired him for three days and he took us everywhere we wanted to go. He spoke fantastic English and he was so damn funny too. We also hired him to take us to Portobelo one day and the next to an Indian tribe, the Embera people in their village, the Parara Puru Village. The highlight for me was playing with the little kids there, they were so much fun to be around.

Panama City Skyline

Getting the the Parara Village by Boat

The Embera Children


Jesus Statue at Isla Grande by Portobelo

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