Remote Silver | I traveled with 5 other Remote Year people to an island called "Casa En El Agua" which means House on the Water. It is off the west coast of Colombia
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Two Weeks of non-stop beaches in Colombia

Back to Medellin after a couple of long two weeks of traveling around Colombia. When I returned to Medellin from Nuqui (another remote beach) I knew I had over 11 days to be here but knowing myself I couldn’t stay put for that long. I decided to do a quick two days to San Andes Island and I’m so glad I did. Going myself and the two days also turned out to be the right amount of time.

(San Andres is the Red Dot on the Map)

San Andres is an island that is part of Colombia but physically closer to Nicaragua. This island had the bluest waters I can ever remember being in, supposedly there are seven different shades of blue. I booked a flight and room only three days before I went which is another new travel hack for me because usually I plan much further ahead of time. The hotel was in a fantastic spot, San Luis, the owners lived there (Ricardo Newballs-Real name!) and I rented a motor scooter from them too which worked out amazingly well for me.

White sandy beaches and blue, blue water

Jet Skiing and Water Sports are a must

Taken from the Roof of the highest hotel in San Andres. Paid the guy 10,000 Pesos to get up there, well worth it

I traveled with 5 other Remote Year people to an island called “Casa En El Agua” which means House on the Water. It is off the west coast of Colombia on a single solitary island on stilts. We left from Cartagena to take a long two hour boat ride to arrive to this truly isolated island of sorts. There are under 10 little stilted islands with single places to live and one larger island, Tintipan, with about 500 inhabitants. Other than Easter Island I don’t think I’ve ever felt so isolated in my whole life. Altogether there was approximately 30 of us in this single Hostel in the water. It was amazing.

(I’m writing part of this post as I’m sitting in the water in Casa En El Agua)


Casa En El Agua (Of course it has a Bar on the water)

Small Boats are used to head to the other surrounding islands

Just the perfect relaxing place to be until the night starts…Isla Tintipan is the background

As the sun sets…

As of this Saturday we are all heading to Lima for our next month as we finish up our 1st quarter of travel. Three months in and time seems to slip away as we continue our journey around the world. Looking forward to being in Lima again and heading to Cusco mid month and seeing Machu Picchu once again. See you in Lima.

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