Remote Silver | My apartment is situated half a block from the water in Miraflores a beachfront neighborhood. head to Cuzco and Machu Picchu.
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Lima is Fantastic…Unfortunately I won’t be here much

As we start on month four, a full quarter of my trip completed so quickly, we arrived in Lima, Peru. I’ve been to Lima two times in the past. Once in 2015 for three days after I went to Iquitos for a week (The Amazon of Peru) and also in 2010 when I went to Machu Picchu with my ex-girlfriend. I really don’t remember the weather being so beautiful and having such wonderful beaches. My apartment is situated half a block from the water in Miraflores a beachfront neighborhood. Back in February most of us met up to decide when we wanted to head to Cusco and Machu Picchu. A group of us decided to go mid month from April 15th-22nd. My last week in Medellin I also decided to go with my European friends Daan and Anina to the beaches of Ecuador in Montaninta for about five days. (Which is where I am writing part of this post).

Plaza San Martin

Archbishops Palace Museum

Cristo Del Pacifico

Shantytown – Villa El Salvador

With these decisions to travel those dates I figured I would have the last week in Lima to explore the city again. I planned on going to Florida in May to take care of some personal family situations but May did not work so I had to book it for April 24th-27th. This is leaving me with only two days this month in Lima because I fly to Patagonia on the 28th of April. The pluses of going back to the US at this time is I can get some winter clothes for Patagonia and Lima is only like a 5 hour flight. If I went in May from Cordoba, Argentina it takes almost 22 hours (which would have really sucked). I am looking forward to seeing my mom and sister and also my trip to Patagonia.

I had no idea as to how many hippie beach and surf spots there are in the world. My travels mostly have taken me to cities and sometimes I would hit a beach area but this trip has taken me to many more beaches than I’ve ever been to. In Ecuador I am in another surf town with so many young people that seem to be living just to head over to the next surf place to hang out and surf. The beach in Montanita was very nice and mellow except for the big partying that happened in the main area on Saturday night.

Colorful Umbrellas line the beach

Surfers everywhere

Sunday is Family day at the beach

Need a Duckie?

Driftwood lines the beach at Ayampe

We also decided to head over for a day trip to Isla De La Plata, considered “The Poor Man’s Galapagos” which is a very appropriate name. I’ve been to the Galapagos and loved it, with so many different species of animals, here there were only a few birds and not as many fish. Don’t get me wrong, it was a great day for a hike and a boat ride to a special place like this. There were plenty of Blue Footed Booby’s and Frigates around but I was hoping for more. And unfortunately the water wasn’t very clear because of the rain the night before.

Blue Footed Booby’s line the shore

North side of the island has beautiful blue waters

My favorite…Blue Footed Booby

Birds, Birds and more Birds…

A Giant Turtle shows up to say hello

My next post will be after Machu Picchu so I am hoping for some amazing shots from that area. Speak to you then…

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