Remote Silver | I agree with the adage of BA being the Paris of South America. Be it that we traveled from North to South on the continent it is completely European in feel unlike all of the other cities we have been to. Santiago and many parts of Chile
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I agree, Buenos Aires is the Paris of South America & some personal reflections on being half way through

Back in 2005 I came to Buenos Aires in January when the weather was absolutely beautiful and warm. Now I am here and it is late fall/winter and it is chilly and I can not get over this damn cold. Myself and a number of other travelers from my group have all been sick since Bogota in February and we call it the “Meraki Cough” (Meraki is the name of our Group in Remote Year) and it just came back to haunt us again. This time around I have lots of time to walk around and explore a much larger area of the city than last time. Now that I have the opportunity to see a deeper insight to the city, I agree with the adage of BA being the Paris of South America. Be it that we traveled from North to South on the continent it is completely European in feel unlike all of the other cities we have been to. Santiago and many parts of Chile are too more European but BA is slightly older and architecturally is more cosmopolitan then Santiago, Chile.

BA in front of the Obelisco

Em Ateneo Grand Splendid Bookstore

Eva Peron smiling on Avenida 9 de Julio

Obliesco at Sunset

The Steel Flower

Protesters marching for their lost Family Members

Palace of the Argentine National Congress


So with almost 6 months or half of my trip completed I took some time to reflect on what my aspirations were before I set upon this year of travel. Personal items I wanted to accomplish, work goals and what I am just not into.

Here is a list of what I did accomplish:

  1. Travel to as many cities as possible while in each city of that country
  2. Do side trips on my own (very important to separate from the pack)
  3. Go to Patagonia
  4. Go to Iguazu Falls
  5. Say YES to every trip offered and be surprised
  6. Do Carnival in Barranquilla, Colombia
  7. Visit my friend Sergio who lives in Guatemala
  8. Go Ballooning in Teotihuacan


What I unfortunately realized also is that there are lots of things that I do not participate in that in a group environment can play a large part of your interactions with others.

Here is a list of things I do not do that if you do would be good to utilize while being a participant with Remote Year:

  1. Cooking – There are many groups of people that cook when they travel and many nights and events that were put together cooking was the subject of the group
  2. Drinking Wine – I am not a lover of wine but I do enjoy my Vodka and Beer which were fine for me but we traveled to lots of places where there were trips and nights where wine was the main focus of the get together
  3. Running – Some people did half marathons and other running events, I do not run and never have
  4. Horseback Riding – Had no idea how many opportunities there were to ride horses but there were many
  5. Understanding Technology – Well I do understand some of it but there was such a learning curve on other sites I never heard of or have ever dealt with personally or in my industry
  6. Hiking – Wow, I can not tell you how many times so far that this was part of an event or a destination


As far as my business goes I have always had my personal roadblocks that I have been unable to cross. My original idea was to present my work to the bloggers, article writers and potential sellers of my work after month 3 but that still has not happened heading into the end of month six. I am finally around to getting together my presentation and I of course hope it is what I originally intended to show them. Actually I thought it would be easy just to send people links to my work but I realized that, that approach would not be in my best interest. The email will be going out sometime this week and let’s see what kind of response I receive from them.

For the end of this month I am heading to Rio de Janeiro for a few days because, hey, I am in South America, it is cold and I want to go to a beach! I figured it would be a great way to end the six month journey through the continent. I might write one more post before I get to Europe on July 2nd when I land in Prague but we shall see. I have so many plans for Europe that I do not know when or how I will be able to write this blog or have any down time to work on my photos. We’ll see…


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