Remote Silver | July I went to Munich, Berlin to see U2 (Fn Amazing!), Tallinn, Riga and Minsk with a day trip to Helsinki along the way. Now that I am back in Prague for a couple of days before I head to Sofia, Skopje and Belgrade
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6 Countries Already and I’m Only Getting Started with Europe

I hit Prague running as I always do if the opportunity arises for me to see a city on arrival day. Of course I have been to Prague before, once back in the 1990’s and also in 2015 for the “Signal Light Festival”. This time is different for so many reasons. First of all I am traveling with a huge group of people who I know, I had a visitor from NY come to hang with me for a week, Stacey (I will talk about that shortly) and I am here in the summer when the weather is amazing. From Prague where we are all situated for the month of July, I went to Munich, Berlin to see U2 (Fn Amazing!), Tallinn, Riga and Minsk with a day trip to Helsinki along the way. This is the way I am traveling for the next three months as I run through Europe. I plan on going to at least 6 more countries and 10 more cities.

Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe, Berlin

Reichstag, Berlin

DZ Bank, Berlin

Time Slice BMW Headquarters, Munich

Hofbrau House, Munich

Surfers in Munich Park

Asam Church, Munich

Westfriedhof Train Station, Munich

My friend Stacey arrived in Prague a few days after I got here. I had a few days on my own to  explore the city and then we did more sight seeing together for the few days she was in Prague. When she arrived we did a few tours and then hit Munich for the weekend where we were hosted by my other friend who lives there Barbara. I know Barbara from a trip I did to Myanmar in 2014, I love Barbara and she was an incredible host. Her and Stacey got along like two sisters by the end. Then the tow of us went to Berlin to see U2 with some other girls from Remote Year. This was planned out so many months in advance as I was hoping and it did become a real highlight for all four of us who went. That was my 8th time seeing them and this one was truly special. From Berlin I did an 11 day trip to the Baltic’s on my own. Tallinn in Estonia, Riga in Latvia and Minsk in Belarus. I didn’t bother asking anyone as I just wanted to do this area on my own, not that I needed a break but I figured no one else would want to go. Loved Tallinn, liked Riga and Minsk got off to a rough start. I did not do as much research as I should have and booked 5 days in Minsk. Little did I know that 5 days is the maximum amount of days you can come to Belarus without a visa so I got very lucky. Minsk is my ancestral heritage from three of my four grandparents and that is the reason I added the extra day or so to be in Minsk.  For the 11 days I was in the Baltic countries I walked an average of over 11 Miles a day, I was tired to say the least.

Swimming Hole outside of a prison in Tallinn, Estonia

Street Art in Tallinn, Estonia. Women portrayed beautifully

Kadriorg Palace, Tallinn, Estonia

Old Russian War Plane, Paldiski, Estonia

Helsinki Cathedral, Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki Train Station, Helsinki, Finland

Old Town Riga, Latvia

Time Slice National Library of Latvia, Riga, Latvia

National Library of Belarus, Minsk, Belarus

Lenin Statue at Independence Square Minsk, Belarus

Belarusian Great Patriotic War Museum Minsk, Belarus

National Library of Belarus at Night, Minsk, Belarus

Now that I am back in Prague for a couple of days before I head to Sofia, Skopje and Belgrade I will repack to start all over for the next month. August brings me those cities along with a week of sailing in Croatia for “Sail Croatia” and the end of the month I am traveling with my friend Jessica from Remote Year and her father for a week to Bulgaria and Odessa. I will have lots to post by the end of those trips too.


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