Remote Silver | Hvar and Dubrovnik were my two favorite stops. From Split I headed to the Ukraine to see Odessa and Kiev. Odessa had amazing beaches with Kiev being a much larger city
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Tough to Blog when your Computer hard drive crashes for the 4th time

I am currently in Barcelona working on my sort of fixed computer. At this point in time I am unable to work on any of my photos because Lightroom and Photoshop just do not work on my broken/fixed for the 4th time this year Dell laptop. Keeping up with my photos is one thing that I have been proud of when it comes to my time management but this has been a total nightmare. Anyone who has experienced computer issues let alone traveling on the road for 9 months and two computers both new and both crashing a number of times can make life a bit miserable at times. But here I am trying to post as best as I can.

So when I left off last I was headed to Sail Croatia which was really nice, not as party-ish as I was expecting but the island were great, weather was fantastic, food was terrible and my group was great too. Hvar and Dubrovnik were my two favorite stops. We started and ended in Split which was a slight let down as I was hoping for more architecture to photograph but Dubrovnik was definitely better for that. From Split I headed to the Ukraine to see Odessa and Kiev. Odessa had amazing beaches with Kiev being a much larger city with so many more people and a real city feel. From the Ukraine I spent a few days in Bucharest which turned out to be a real surprise for me at all I was able to photograph. There was much more architecture there with history and I was able to get around to see some prime buildings. Taking a tour of the Parliament in Bucharest is a must do too. It is the 2nd largest building in the world and it really is a masterpiece of a point in time for that country.

Split Croatia Port (Sail Croatia)


Markaska, Croatia. Boats docked and swimmers in the water (Sail Croatia)

Kiev had amazing Churches

Kiev was also showing off some power for their Independence Day


Odessa had some beautiful pools right on the Beach


Chernobyl from Kiev was one of the sickest things I have done all year

A doll set up on a bed inside an abandoned school house bed

The Parliament House in Bucharest, Romania, the world’s 2nd largest building

I am heading back to Valencia where we are based this month. I am hoping that my computer will be fixed so I can keep up more on my posts. This week I am doing a Road Trip with some of my Spanish friends from Remote Year and some of their local friends, should be epic. Speak soon.

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