Remote Silver | The first place we went to from Madrid was Avila then on to Salamanca. the Gothic quarter of Barcelona. From Barcelona I headed back to Valencia to repack and head over to Madrid to start the Road Trip.
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Road trip through Spain with “The Spaniards”

Arriving back in Valencia in the Old Town was a part of Valencia I have not been to. Last time I came here I only stayed and traversed through the newer area where the Arts and Science Center is. I love Spain and this past few weeks only proved to me why I feel the way I do. After staying for a few days in Valencia where the beaches, food and architecture is incredible, I headed to Barcelona for my third time. One of my other Remote travelers Colton, has a sister who lives in the Gothic quarter of Barcelona so I headed there for a few days and had so much fun running around day and night with him and some other friends there. Of course I went to Cal Pep which might actually be my favorite restaurant on earth. Colton and I spent so much money but worth every Euro. From Barcelona I headed back to Valencia to repack and head over to Madrid to start the Road Trip.

Arts and Science Center in Valencia

Hemisphere in Valencia

Overview of Valencia

La Sagrada Familia in Barcelona

La Sagrada Ceiling in Barcelona

Museum Blau in Barcelona

Flowers on La Rambla for remembrance of the Terrorist attack

Venetian Towers in Barcelona

Casa Mila Roof in Barcelona

Barcelona Beach

So we started in Madrid which I did not know was a complete party town on weekends (well maybe every night too). The first place we went to from Madrid was Avila then on to Salamanca. Salamanca was kind of a special place on the trip because Alberto, one of the Spaniards, went to university there and he knew where to eat and party too. It is a very big college town and when we were there a holiday celebration was going on at night with lots of street food vendors. Next was Vigo for lunch and we stopped in to go inside the Virgin statue in Baiona. We ended up staying in Baiona for the night because it was just easier to stop there. On our way to Santiago de Compostela we popped into Granbazan, a Winery in Villanova. The owner was friends with Martin one of the other Spaniards that we were traveling with. The white wine was spectacular. Santiago de Compostela was a place we were all looking forward to because of its history and religious background. There were many pilgrims that just arrived the morning we got there too. The Cathedral is truly impressive. On to Asturius where we drove up to the coastline to see the Praia das Catedrais in Ria de Ribadeo (which was not visible and did not make sense to me why) and it was another beautiful area of the north coast of Spain. We started with 9 of us, went as high as as 10 at one point. Many of us split up the next day but myself Jen and Ash stayed in Bilbao and then on to San Sebastian for another night. For me Bilbao was a must see to get to photograph the Guggenheim again and it was totally worth it. San Sebastian is such a rich feeling city again on the coast. Large French influence because it is only 20 miles from France.  The last day was on to Madrid right where we started, back to Valencia where I was for another week. The trip was 8 days from Madrid to Madrid and it was a blast with amazing food, people and a ton of laughs.

Avila, A Fortified City

Salamanca, a large College town

Celebrations going on in the main Plaza of Salamanca

Main Cathedral of Salamanca

Celebrants posing just for me in Salamanca

Coastline of Vigo

Virgin Statue of Baiona

Coastline of Vilanova

Cudillero, Asturias

Ceiling of Burgos Cathedral

San Sebastian

The Guggenheim Museum during the Day

The Guggenheim Museum at Night

The Bilbao Train Station

Playa de Toro – Llanes

I am now back in Valencia and have been here for a week. I visited my good friend John in Calabria for a few days to drive up and down the lower part of the boot of Italy on the west coast. He came back for a few days with me to Valencia along with my nephew Matthew who flew in from NY and stayed for the week too. It was nice to have my friends and family around. I am all packed and ready to head to Kuala Lumpur to start our three months of Asia. This is going to be an exciting last leg of the trip. We lost a lot of people over our three months that dropped out of Remote Year in Europe but many of them are coming to meet us in Kyoto for the farewell party in early December. Speak to you again from Asia.

Paola, Calabria, Italy

Diamante, Calabria, Italy

Tropea, Calabria, Italy


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