Remote Silver | I started this leg of my trip in Paris for eight days. I hit Lyon, Marseilles, Cannes, Monaco (not impressed), San Remo, Cinque Terre, Pisa and Florence. I am in Cinque Terre which is so beautiful. I took a train from Riomaggoire to Monterosso and hiked to Vernazza then hiked to Corniglia which I would say was about 7 miles of hiking.
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Europe once again is a Winner!

     As I take my 7th train in 2.5 weeks to Cinque Terre from Genoa (Genova) I realize how much weather plays a role in my happiness as a traveler and I think as a person. I’ve had some really terrible weather recently and I was very depressed and upset all of the time and I feel it is because of the weather. This also happened earlier in the year in January when I was in Hanoi where it was so much colder that I thought it would be. I enjoyed Hanoi but I know it would have so much better with the sun and warmer weather.

Time Slice Eiffel Tower

The Louvre

Paris from on top of the Arc de Triumph

Eiffel Tower in the clouds

Gallerie Lafayette, Paris

Opera House, Paris

Waiting Room in the Opera House, Paris

Saint Chapelle, Paris

Bibliothèque in Paris

      I have not been to Paris in almost ten years and I really needed to build my portfolio of work because the city is always in demand by many of my clients. Well the weather was obnoxious. Rain, windy and cold weather was reported every day for my whole time there. I ended up getting lucky and had almost two full good days to shoot and probably shot my best “Time Slice” ever of the Eiffel Tower. When Paris is having nice weather it’s truly a photographers paradise. Even when it’s rainy you can still get great shots, especially black & white.
     My family is arriving in Paris on April 28th so I needed to fill my time from April 2nd forward. So I went on Google maps and decided to take the train south into more of France and then east into Italy. I hit Lyon, Marseilles, Cannes, Monaco (not impressed), San Remo, Cinque Terre, Pisa and Florence. Today I’m on a train to Cinque Terre on a perfectly sunny day. (by the time this gets posted I will be further on in my travels). So far each place had its own charm and beauty and there were some disappointments.
     Lyon was a good start. Nice city, laid out hilly but I liked the feel and it had the most spectacular church, La Basilique Notre Dame de Fourvière. Marseilles was confusing to me. It’s a beautiful city with so much charm but it also has a sliminess to it. Cannes, not really much to do when it’s raining but I did rent a motor bike for two days and froze my ass off. Rode it up the coast at a super slow 30 MPH (the fastest it would go). Next stop was Nice which I really, really liked a lot even though it was the worst rain I’ve encountered this whole trip. It’s just such a great city to walk around and explore because the city is very diverse. Areas on the waterfront are different then the inner city areas. Nice had an enormous amount of churches for me to shoot, I photographed over 12 of them. Definitely one of my faves. I took a day trip to Monaco-Monte Carlo and Eze too. I had the same rainy crappy weather there which just didn’t make it enjoyable at all.  I really was not impressed with Monaco or Monte Carlo. I expect it was the weather but…eh.

St. George Church, Lyon

La Basilique Notre Dame de Fourvière, Lyon

Roman Amphitheater, Lyon

Coastline of Marseilles

Overlooking Marseilles on a cloudy day

Very cool Library in Nice

Amazing waterfront of Nice

I Love Nice

Casino, Monte Carlo

Try Surfing in Cannes in this weather

Beautiful outdoor art on the Cannes waterfront

Italy was next and San Remo was my first stop. My hotel was right next to the Casino and it was also where the San Remo Rally started the weekend I was there. My planning so far for all of my hotels have been impressive. I’ve stayed in perfect locations in every city except Paris where for 8 days price played a large role in location. San Remo is a beautiful little coastal city. Be it that I absolutely love Italian food I was very happy to be back in Italy. I stared to do more quick day trips by train since they were so easy, inexpensive and close. I hit some other cities like Ventimiglia and I tried Monaco for a second time, still felt nothing special. Genoa was a much larger city than I expected and was happily surprised with the amount of churches that were there. I shot at least 12 of them and I would say at least 4 were closed when I was there. It is an old city and a new city in one really good mix. The old city had a grunge to it with hookers working the small old city’s side alleys along with many African guys selling junk to you all the time. But like I said I really liked the vibe of the city with its culture and its impressive history.

Waterfront of San Remo, Italy

Overlooking San Remo, Italy

So many Italians have dogs

Just another Government Building in Genoa, Italy

Don’t you love the painting on this building in Genoa, Italy

The Churches in Genoa are spectacular

Laigueglia, Italy

Ventimiglia, Italy

Now I am in Cinque Terre which is so beautiful and I got perfect sunny 70 degree weather every day with spectacular sunsets. So I did not do any research before I came here and just wanted to wing the time here and I am glad I did. I stayed in Riomaggiore for three nights and was able to see all five “Terre’s” and also went to La Spezia one morning too. I took a train from Riomaggoire to Monterosso and hiked to Vernazza then hiked to Corniglia which I would say was about 7 miles of hiking. I was beat up that night. So tomorrow I take a train to Florence for five days then I meet my family back in Paris. From Paris we head to London by train for three days. My family heads home and I go to Bolivia for six days to visit a friend I made when I was in Argentina and then to Sao Paulo to visit my friend Stephanie who I did Remote Year with. From Brazil…I finally go home to the States, to Florida. Not sure what my plan is from there but I will be based with mom for a few months at the very least.

Vernazza, Cinque Terre

Riomaggiore, Cinque Terre

Manarola, Cinque Terre

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