Remote Silver | I am currently a Florida resident. Long Beach on Long Island. NYONair, the best open door helicopter company in New York. This summer in the USA as I mentioned in my last post, hitting Seattle and San Francisco.
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Spending some time in New York (well Long Island)

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Be it that I am currently a Florida resident for me to stay in New York I need my friends to allow me to stay with them. On this trip to New York I am being hosted by my longtime friends Lenny and Lauren on the beach in Long Beach on Long Island. I have been here since late July and plan on staying until right after Labor Day then go back to Florida. When I got back to New York this time my friend Howie got us on a helicopter over NY. He has a friend who rents out his Helicopter hanger to NYONair, the best open door helicopter company in New York. This was my fourth time taking a ride above NYC, it never disappoints.

The Oculus

Empire State Building

Statue of Liberty


Flatiron Building

Central Park

Midtown East

Wall Street Area

One World Trade

I have done some light traveling this summer in the USA as I mentioned in my last post, hitting Seattle and San Francisco. I went to Seattle with my nephew for a week. We took a tour of the Boeing Factory but unfortunately you are not allowed to take any photos at the factory which was pretty cool to go see. We also went to Mount Ranier which I highly recommend for anyone heading to Seattle, great day trip. Seattle has great food, some nice architecture and unfortunately a big homeless problem to deal with. It is also a big sports town. We went to see a Mariners game and my nephew went to a soccer game there too. The two stadiums are side by side which does work well for the city layout.

Seattle Skyline from Kerry Park

Mount Ranier looms in the Background

Guitars everywhere in the Museum of Pop Culture

Frank Ghery’s Museum of Pop Culture

Gum Wall Seattle

Suzalo Library at the University of Washington

Ferris Wheel on Seattle’s Waterfront

ECHO Statue from the SAM in Seattle

Seattle Needle from Kerry Park (Best view spot in the city)

I stayed on Hayes Street in San Francisco at my friend Alberto’s apartment. He is one of my Spaniard friends I met in Remote Year last year. He is friends with so many other Spanish people who also live and work in San Fran, it was like little Spain. There was also six other Remote Year friends that live there so it was great to catch up with all of them, first time I have seen most of them since December. Had the opportunity to walk around San Fran a lot by myself. This town is not easy to walk, it is hilly and everything seems much further away. Went to the pier and had In-n-Out Burger which was very good this time, the other time in LA wasn’t a big deal to me. The Painted Ladies houses and park area was a really sweet area to hang around, getting to Coit Tower was not so easy but absolutely worth the view, I also walked on the beaches there for different views of the Golden Gate Bridge. The weather was just as expected, cold, hot, warm and who the hell knows.

City Hall, San Francisco

Tramming in San Fran

Painted Ladies in San Fran

Clarion Alley Street Art, San Fran

Fog over the Golden Gate Bridge

Seagull by the Bridge


Coit Tower View of San Francisco

A Helicopter ride turned into a Fog Fest above San Francisco’s Skyline

I do have further plans for travel. In September I am supposed to go to Bolivia for two weeks to visit a “friend”, then hit up ACL in Austin, (Austin City Limits music Festival) for the second week of October. There I will be meeting up with we expect about 20 people from Remote Year that I traveled with last year. There might be more travels planned for early next year but we can talk next time about that.

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