Remote Silver | I was still in Morocco, well I am now in Portugal in the Azores. Essaouira, Morocco which I did along with Agidar. Cairo, then to Aswan and traveling up the Nile to Luxur, back to Cairo and a day in Alexandria.
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I’ve just been too busy enjoying my Travels


Last time I posted I was still in Morocco, well I am now in Portugal in the Azores for a few days from Lisbon and the month is almost over. Lisbon is my home for the month of March. I said I was heading to Essaouira, Morocco which I did along with Agidar which is another Moroccan beach town. Just loved Essaouira, so relaxing a place after spending so much time in Marrakesh. I also enjoyed Marrakesh more than I thought I would, being in the Medina as much as I was turned out to be much more interesting and fun.

Orange seller in Essaouira, Morocco
Streets of Essaouira, Morocco
Repairing Wooden boats in Essaouira, Morocco
Great street art in Essaouira, Morocco
The Medina in Essaouira, they don ‘t hawk you like Marrakesh
The Blue boats in Essaouira, Morocco

From February 20th – February 28th I went to Egypt. This was another solo trip which consisted of flying to Cairo, then to Aswan and traveling up the Nile to Luxur, back to Cairo and a day in Alexandria (Loved Alexandria). I’ve been to Cairo before to see the Pyramids but not on the Nile on a cruise. I booked the trip as a tour but ended up being the only person on the tour which gave me private guides everywhere I traveled. Cairo is one of the largest cities in the world, so much traffic and so much history with amazing architecture and religious meaning (and the best falafel’s in the world).

Egypt is a fascinating place to see because there really is no place like it on earth. Luxor and Aswan did not disappoint either. My guide gave me so much information it was overwhelming to try and understand what this civilization accomplished so many years ago, it is mind boggling. The cruise itself is a fantastic way to see the areas mentioned and it is probably the best way to do it. Almost all of the ships are the same size and it depends on what company you book with, be it luxury, middle or low class you all end up at the same locations in the end anyway. I felt extremely safe while traveling throughout Egypt and the touristy areas were not as crowded as I was expecting which of course is a great thing. The one thing that did disappoint me was that the new Egyptian museum in Cairo was not open as of yet, it is already a few years behind schedule and was supposed to be open by the time I arrived, hopefully by the end of this year. Egypt is a must see for any traveler.

Main Entrance to Aswan Temple
Aswan is a town on the Nile River
Very Large carvings at Aswan Temple
Sunset over Aswan
Interior of the Library in Alexandria
There are many languages carved into the outside stone of the Library in Alexandria
Alexandria is on the Mediterranean Sea
Cairo skyline from on top of a mosque’s minaret
Ceiling of the Mosque of Mohammed Ali, Cairo
St. George Shrine, Cairo
Cairo at night from a top the Cairo Tower
Sphinx and the Great Pyramid of Giza
Got my boy to pose for me
Sorry but riding a camel by the Pyramids is a must
Corporate meeting being held
Profile shot of the Sphinx
Sunset shot of the Sphinx and Giza
Need to be on top of a hotel near the Light Show NOT at the Light Show

Blowing up the Balloons for take off over Luxor
One of the many temples of Luxor
Sunrise with Balloons over Luxor
Kom Ombo area of Luxor
Inside the Builders of the Valley of the Kings tomb
Valley of the Kings
Luxor Temple At night
Luxor Temple for the Light Show
Habu Temple
The Romans/Catholics chopped off most of the noses on the Statues

I have traveled to so many cities in Portugal but I will post that as a recap on my next blog post. As always if you have any questions about Remote Year please feel free to email me at


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