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                                                  MY STORY…(continued)


I loved traveling with Remote Year so much I am doing it once again for 2019 with the group “KUUNGANA“. This trip is only 4 months unlike my previous trip of 12 months. I only signed up to do 3 of the 4 months starting in Cape Town for January, Marrakesh for February, Lisbon for March but I opted out not to do Valencia for April (but I will probably go to hang out with my fellow travelers anyway).  Having completed Remote Year back in 2017 for the full year traveling with the group “MERAKI” I am now what is considered a CITIZEN with RY. This title gives me the ability to travel and meet up with groups for weeks or months at a time at a discounted rate.


If you have followed me for a while you know that I traveled from the complete year of 2017 with RY and traveled on by myself for an additional 5 months, coming back to the US in May of 2018. Florida is what I consider home for now as I am sort of homeless not knowing where I want to live for now. My career of being a travel photographer gives me the freedom to go and do as I please and traveling as much as I have been over the past two years, doing RY again seemed like a great idea (again). I will post more photos than words moving forward but that is my style for my Blog. I will continue to post as best as I can as long as I find the time to hit up my computer.


My background is full of a multitude of careers starting with a family Beverage business, Stock Broker and selling Real Estate in New York city. Bam! That was the past 25 years in one sentence.  For the last 8 years I have been Photographing and traveling the world on my terms going to places that I chose to photograph. I’ve had many successes by being in Magazines, Museums, Books, Galleries and worked with International Groups such as the United Nations Aids Organization and International corporations such as United Airlines, KLM, Cartier and Tiffany.

My intention with this BLOG is to prove to an audience that someone of my age, any age,  can still accomplish amazing things and hopefully inspire YOU to do the impossible too.



Richard Silver



PHONE: 917.881.7502


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