Remote Silver | Spain
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  • One of Europe’s coolest cities with the best food. You have to eat at Cal Pep!
  • La Sagrada Familia which is finally almost finished
  • Eat everything at La Boqueria
  • Casa Mia, get ready to stand on a really long line
  • Gaudi Park, it is his town baby
  • Head out to the Olympic Stadium designed by Santiago Calatrava


  • Hit the Museum of Ham, it serves the best Jamon you have ever tasted
  • Go to a Soccer game
  • Eat it all at the Mercdo de San Miguel
  • Sunday Flea Markets
  • El Retiro Park is a great way to spend the day
  • See the Royal Palace and Madrid City Hall for classic Architecture
  • Head over to see the Gate of Europe for Modern Architecture


  • This will be my 2nd time in Valencia with REMOTE YEAR
  • It is all about the Architecture by Santiago Calatrava
  • Eat the Paella, hey it started here


  • The Metropolitan Cathedral is one of the largest in the World
  • Can’t miss the Worlds largest wooden object, the Metropol Parasol
  • Really try and go in April for Holy Week, the city comes alive


  • Waterfront and beach areas in Northern Spain


  • See the Guggenheim Museum


  • Visit the Oscar Niemeyer International Cultural Centre
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