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Interested in working with me in 2019 on “Remote Year”

                                                                                 Click HERE to find out more about  “REMOTEYEAR”?




I will be participating in Remote Year starting December 30, 2018 ending April 30, 2019. By participating in these four months of travel I will be living and working in 4 cities, in 4 countries and on 2 continents for one month in each city. My job being photographing and telling a story from a photographer and seasoned travelers perspective. Having been to all 4 the cities already, I have a good lay of the land. While living in these amazing cities I will also be traveling to many other areas of those countries with my unique style of Travel Photography.

My experience of travel gives a company like yours an opportunity to be in the forefront of a digital work revolution. You will have first hand access to areas of the world your clients and customers would be extremely interested in hearing about along with strong Photography to tell my (our) story.



Digital Storytelling I have a creative knack and track record for sharing engaging stories via Photography and Instagram


Brand Ambassadorship I can mirror you brand’s core values while helping to develop targeted and engaing digital campanies that reach the right market at the right time with the right messages


Photography Creation of professionally edited, high resolution photos that can be used for social media and licensed
for advertising and editorial digital and print. (


Sponsored Social Media With a well-rounded social media following of travelers, photographers and digital nomads, Richard Silver will help you reach a new audience

Daily postings of Photos from around the world with a seasoned Traveler who has been to 90 Countries and over 300 Cities

Working with a Photographer who has been featured in Museums, Books, Magazines and Galleries all over the world

Aligning your company with one of the fastest growing industries in Travel: Remote Work

Posting on Social Media Platforms with your company’s Hashtag (#) and gain access to new subscribers to your social media

Having access to promote your products to Millennials which 92% want to work remotely

Access to recruit Millennials and find top talent for your company



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